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Parent Focus Group

Following a Parent Council Meeting in 2012 discussions between Senior Management and Parents led to the creation of a sub-group to develop ways to assist parents in understanding the curriculum and how it is taught.

The group consists of parents with children at different stages within the school.

We have regular meetings with Mrs McKenna and Mrs Carson who show us new material that pupils use in the school and we develop information leaflets and packs to explain, in a parent friendly way, what information we feel is important to support our children.

With Curriculum for Excellence being introduced there are changes in the way pupils are taught. The group look at the new initiatives the school are using to improve the pupils learning and develop ways of telling parents about the changes.

Our group is in place to support the school and feed back to the parent council. It is important to have strong links and the support of the parents so we are trying to assist in communicating relevant information so you know what is happening within the learning environment of the school.

To date we have produced the Homework Handwriting and Presentation sheet, Early Years Active Numeracy Parent Leaflet, Parent Handbook and assisted in the School Handbook.

We are working on Level 1 Curriculum for Excellence Active Numeracy and we are then moving onto Sexual Education.